• 01


    You have never tried out skiing, but you are curious to try?
    We will guide you, so that you can learn the basic techniques and will be able to ski on easy...
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  • 02


    Are you a beginner who wants to go beyond the snowplough technique?
    At this level we will teach you how to go from basic turns to the intermediate turns. You will be...
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  • 03


    Are you already an expert? Do you want to join our team?
    Just a little more patience and some more training and you can be one of us! Simply trust our instructors,...
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10 golden rules

    1 Respect other people: every skier should avoid putting other people’s lives in danger and causing damages.
    2 You should be aware of your speed and your behaviour: moderate your speed according to your skills and to the weather...
    3 Choose your direction: the skiers uphill have a dominant position, so they are able to choose their path and, when deciding...

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