Our Team

Our pictures are worth a thousand words…

Diego Silvestri
[School Manager]

The most serious person in the group; this is why he has been chosen as manager.

Emiliano Mancini
[Executive Manager]

He is our accountant. The one in charge of bookkeeping and balancing the budget.

Alissa Fabozzo

A volcano in continuous eruption, always cheerful and fun, with her your children will never be bored!

Giorgio Del Castello

He has a contagious happiness and energy, but he tries to look normal anyway.

Luigi Del Castello

Sometimes, he looks back and thinks: “Where did I find the time to do all the things I did?”

Fabio Mastronardi

Riding instructor (horses his greatest passion!), runs an equestrian center

Frialdo Di Vitto

He obtained his Ski instructor Diploma in 2008 and 2 years later he was already a 1st level coach.

Raffaele Iovene

He looks like a player, but he can also be serious!

Pietro Giancola

The last arrived in Freeski’s home

Fabio Silvestri

Together with Ludovica, he is our newest additino to the team, so that the staff always stays young!

Franco Tacca

He got his High School Diploma at a Communication and Electronics Institute…

Tiziano Tacca

He is Franco’s brother; he graduated at an Accounting High School and starter…

Claudia Colangelo

Ski Instructor since 1997, is known for his professionalism and courtesy

Armando Li Quadri

His belief is “the passions move the world!” And he decided to follow his biggest passion … skiing!

Riccardo Vignone

A honorable mention for its gourmet “style”!

Giorgia Condemi

She is the youngest teacher of the group, always sunny with a breathtaking smile.

Costanza Zangheri

Always smiling, in her free time she travels the world … she is so lucky!