Bronze Level

We will guide you, so that you can learn the basic techniques and will be able to ski on easy slopes, reducing the width of the snowplough, until you are able to ski with parallel skis.

To achieve this target, you will initially start curving with the snowplough technique, then your curves will gradually veer, until you are able to turn with parallel skis. Learning will be fun, through easy and enjoyable preparatory exercises.

At this level, and in the next ones as well, the aforementioned progression will not be rigid and strict. Some beginners who have a particular aptitude for this sport and a good physical training, can immediately start basic turns.

This is why our team will be able to understand your potential, adjusting their didactics to every single circumstance.

  • Spazzaneve: curve eseguite con sci a punte ravvicinate e code divaricate.
  • Virata: curve che iniziano a spazzaneve e terminano a sci paralleli
  • Parallelismo: posizione assunta dallo sciatore che consente di mantenere una distanza pressoché costante ed uniforme fra gli sci. La distanza tra gli sci è condizionata dalle caratteristiche fisiche dello sciatore (larghezza del bacino). L’eccessiva distanza o vicinanza degli sci compromette l’equilibrio e la centralità dello sciatore.
  • Curva di base: curva eseguita a sci paralleli.