Raffaele Iovene

He looks like a player, but he can also be serious!

He obtained his Ski instructor qualification in 2006, and after a four-year-long break, he decided to put himself to the test and he obtained his qualification as a 1st level coach. He has a Business oriented Diploma as a and he speaks English and Spanish. His passions are skiing and playing bowls. He defines himself as an international ballroomdancing champion, as a poet, a choreographer and a folk singer.


  • 2006/2007 Ski Instructor at the Italian Ski School “Leo Gasperl”.
  • 2008/2011 Ski Instructor at the “Sci e Natura” Ski Club for the Super Baby Category.
  • 2006/2011 Collaboration with the Ski instructors’team “FREE SKI”.

Raffaele Iovene is on Facebook